We have to learn that the best time to market is when they don’t need any more business or when you need only business. They know that the best source of new clients is old clients and that the best marketing is characterized by quality and not quantity. They realize that their best marketing vehicle, and least expensive, is a satisfied customer. And they know that the two best ways to measure their marketing are by customer retention and by profits, both a part of each other.

It’s wise to think of your marketing the same as breathing. You couldn’t exist with only one breath, or even two or three. Don’t think you’re going to attract a new customer with only one effort, or even two or three. You keep breathing and stay alive. You keep marketing and stay profitable.

Every part of your success is dependent upon one individual. You are that individual. You’re in charge. You say when to begin. You’ve got the insight to make the right decisions now. To succeed, you’re going to need that insight, along with courage and conscientiousness. If you’re frightened of making mistakes, you’re sunk. Accept that you’ll make mistakes. Each one has a lesson to be learned.

It’s not possible to ignore the fact that we’re in a new century, even though if you look out the window, you can’t see much that has changed. If you look into the hearts and minds of your prospects, you’ll see that very little has changed there, too. Certainly, there’s a growing awareness of the precious and elusive nature of time, perhaps even a bit more humanity, made possible by, of all things, technology.


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