3 steps before a sales Pitch

Posted: June 10, 2015 in Uncategorized

3 steps before a sales pitch

We all Know a key factor for a company to survive is the Pool of loyal customers,In todays competitive world  CUSTOMER is the King,

Try these simple steps before you make a sales pitch to any customer,

  1. Always and Always and ALWAYS have 100 percent knowledge of what you are trying to sell.Let it be a product or a service.
  2. Make the customer feel he/she is  with the right person who knows the product/service IN and OUT,this give a feeling that you have understood the requirement and will be able to address the customer needs.
  3. After the above steps customer becomes convinced and becomes a good listener,Then make the sales pitch.

Follow these steps and this will help you generate a pool of LOYAL customers.


  1. Vineeth says:

    unfortunately i have become the vicitm of this… it is easy to preach but you have never practiced this, right?

    • DV says:

      If i have not practiced , you will not see the results for the same at your projects and your customers are enjoying fruits of my results comfortably since 4 years.

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